Todays update brings a whole range of changes to the game.

Firstly a new map has been designed, which eliminates safe spotting, as we feel that this takes away from the fun and skill of the game.

Next, we’ve added an inventory system which allows for you to pick up, drop and wear items. You can access your inventory by pressing the i key on your keyboard.

New Weapons! There are now a range of different weapons in the game, you will start with a basic pistol, and you can unlock a range of better weapons through killing monsters & exploring the new quests.

Health potions! NPC’s will now drop health potions which you can use to restore your health, they will also increase your maximum health to 120, which means it will take three hits to die, rather than two.

New Quests! The world has two new mini-quests which you can take part in, which will help you unlock the best weapons in the game. The quests are designed to be challenging, and perhaps frustrating, as there are little instructions, and mistakes might have large consequences, however the reward will be worth it! The first quest is the demon ritual quest, which spawns a high level monster for you to kill, which will have a higher drop chance than the regular monsters. The second quest is the plasma safe, which when opened will reward you with a high tier weapon.

When an NPC attacks you, you will now have a chance to run away to avoid the hit, this should prevent the feeling of being hit from a large distance.